About Us

Established in the year 1975, Royal Electricals are the leading Manufacturer, Wholesaler and Exporter of Tubular Heating Elements, Industrial Heating Elements, Finned Heating Elements and much more. Royal Electricals specializes in manufacturing custom heating elements, as well as direct-fit replacements for popular brands.

We provide a complete line of tubular heaters, flange heaters, circulation heaters, and immersion heating elements for a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

The heating elements produced by us are of all shapes and sizes and with a variety of configurations and materials, having the same goal: to convert electrical energy into heat energy up to 1300F, and then distribute said heat energy through or to solids, liquids or gases.

Different sheath materials are used in production of heating elements i.e. stainless steel, copper, titanium and incoloy. The size, sheath, leads, terminals, wattage and voltage can be adapted to your heating requirements.

We strongly believe in providing high quality products at reasonable price & timely deliveries.

Royal Electricals has the heating solution you need. Contact us today to find out more about our products. We are headed by our Owner, Mr. Jatinder Singh . His precise market understanding has helped us reach new heights in this domain.